The SCTDP Project

The objective of the Transport Development Plan for Addis Ababa commissioned by AACRA is to appropriately address the transport and mobility challenges identified in Addis, by proposing and planning the implementation of new transport strategies and projects for the city, that are feasible from economic, financial, technical and environmental viewpoints and embraced by the involved authorities and the public. Ramboll is the Lead Consultant of this assignment and will implement the project together with two Italian firms, Mobility In Chain and IRD Engineering as well as a local sub-consultant, MGM Consult.

AATB LogoThe implementation of the Addis Ababa Transport Development Plan is owned by the Addis Ababa City Road and Transport Bureau (AACRTB) as part of the wider TRANSIP programme, which is funded by the World Bank. Following the development of the 2011 Transport Policy, the Transport Bureau has been empowered and its capacity strengthened. Five new institutions have been established and the organization structure of the existing transportation institutions under Addis Ababa Road and Transport Bureau have been reformed. The Transport Bureau is also responsible for developing the plans for the proposed Bus Rapid Transit system in Addis Ababa, along with many other improvements to the road network and interchanges, public transport infrastructure and freight systems.

Since mid-May 2019 marking the start of the SCTDP project, the Consultant has already been performing a thorough analysis of the transport situation in Addis Ababa, and the findings have been reported in the following project documents and workshops delivered to AACRA:

  1. Inception Report;
  2. Stakeholder workshops on 26 and 27 June 2019 to understand the current governance arrangements relating to transport in Addis Ababa, including strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and treats; The relevant current and pro-posed legislation, policy, plans and strategies relating to aspects covered by the SCTDP;
  3. Four Freight Focus Group Discussion Workshops;
  4. Report on the Review of Plans, Regulations, Governance and Institutions; and
  5. Report on Data Preparation, Collection and Validation.

In July 2019, the Consultant elaborated a data collection plan and methodology to collect additional needed transport data in forms of traffic surveys and counts and use this data for the completion of a thorough assessment of transport conditions in Addis as well as for the transport model development. These surveys and counts will be performed from mid-November 2019.

Surveyors training for parking demand surveys.

Surveyors Training for Parking Demand Surveys.
Source: Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA), Parking Management and Traffic Impact Assessment Studies for Addis Ababa, Situational Analysis Report, 2019

Addis Road Transport Model

Example of Road Transport Model made by the Consultant in VISUM.

Addis Public Transport Model

Example of Public Transport Model made by the Consultant in VISUM.