As Addis Ababa grows from a current population in 2019 of 4.6 million to a projected population of 7.3 million by 2030, now is a crucial time for the city to plan and invest in transport that can enable a sustainable urban transformation. Rapid, safe, affordable, inclusive and low-carbon transport infrastructure and services for people and goods is vital for economic development and to allow Addis Ababa’s residents and visitors to obtain easy access to education, leisure, health care as well as all other travel needs.

Based on an analysis of the current transport situation and challenges, as well as the future population growth and demands, the Addis Ababa Transport Bureau, supported by World Bank funding, and a team of consultants led by Ramboll Denmark, has prepared a draft Vision for how transport infrastructure and services in Addis Ababa should develop between now and 2030. This has been developed based on engagement with key stakeholders and includes specific targets and actions across six key areas:

  1. An extensive network of public transit modes that is accessible, affordable and safe.
  2. Transport interchanges that are efficient, safe and accessible.
  3. Safe and attractive infrastructure to support non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians.
  4. A safe and efficient road network, that doesn’t take priority over other transport modes.
  5. Well-regulated freight transport and delivery that minimizes congestion and road safety problems in the city.
  6. Ever improving transport sector governance to ensure accountability and long-term sustainability.

The project team will launch the public consultation on the draft Vision from Wednesday 20th November 2019, with two public information sessions. These will be held on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st November, in accordance with the following details:

  • Wednesday 20th November

Time 12:00 to 17:00

Venue: The Elilly Hotel, Business District Kirkos Subcity 17/18, Just off Guinea Konakry Street, Wereda 15, Addis Ababa (View on map)

  • Thursday 21st November

Time 09:00 to 17:00

Venue: The Elilly Hotel, Business District Kirkos Subcity 17/18, Just off Guinea Konakry Street, Wereda 15, Addis Ababa

All members of the public, as well as representatives of public sector organisations, private companies, academic institutions, civil society organisations and so on are invited to drop into the public information sessions at a convenient time during the hours above.

At the same time, from 20th November, the draft Vision is available to view on the project website ( and residents, businesses and all stakeholders are invited to leave feedback and comments during the two week period in the consultation will be open. The deadline for leaving feedback is Wednesday 4th December 2019.

All feedback and comments will be considered by the Transport Development Plan team and used to improve the Vision, as well as feed into the more detailed Transport Plan and sub-sector strategies that will be developed between December 2019 and June 2020. A further public consultation will be help for the full Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan and sub-sector strategies during the summer of 2020.