Planning is a dynamic process. Achieving the ‘optimum’ planning solution must be a robust mixture and combination of considerations – striking a balance between political considerations, multiple stakeholder needs as well as spatial planning objectives and goals. As planning affects society as a whole, it is an iterative process which actively involves stakeholders.

Stakeholders include anyone that will be impacted by the proposed plan and as transport is the backbone of economic and social life in Addis, that means everyone who lives and works in the city is a stakeholder!
As the overall vision and the sub-sector plans are developed for Addis Ababa, the Consultant’s team has identified key stakeholder groups and will ask for their input into the plan’s detail. These include formally recognised group or entities including government departments, civil society organisations and NGOs, universities, businesses and business representative groups.
All members of the public will also be invited to give their feedback on the proposed SCTDP plans. There will be two rounds of public consultation and you can provide your feedback and ideas in two ways:

  • Attend the Public Information Sessions and provide feedback to the Consultant’s team.
  • View the publically available information and documents on this webpage and leave a comment in the comment space below.

Details on the timing of the consultation and the venue of the Public Information Sessions will be made available on this website in the coming weeks.