Important milestones reached on the SCTDP Project: Addis Ababa Transport Vision and Goals and Base Year Transport Model approved

2020 has been a busy year on developing the Transport Master Plan. The team of international and Ethiopian transport specialists have continued the work towards building the 2030 Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan (SCTDP) which will be the final output and result of the project’s Phase 1. Traffic and Household Surveys were completed in the Spring of 2020 and a Base Year Multi-Modal Transport Model has been built which provided data for other key deliverables on the project: the Assessment of Existing Transport Conditions and Performance and the 2030 Transport Vision and Goals. The latter has been refined based on feedback and comments received from consultation events carried out since the end of 2019 and in close collaboration with the technical team of the Addis Ababa Transport Bureau. Further consultation events with government and civil society stakeholders will be planned in the first quarter of 2021 to gather feedback on various scenarios for the Transport Master Plan, which are currently being tested using the 2030 Multi-Modal Transport Forecast Model of the City of Addis Ababa. The draft Transport Master Plan will then be publicly available to review online for comments and suggested amendments. This will be advertised on the website and via social media.