Origin-Destination (OD) surveys under way to inform the Addis Ababa Transport Model, 27/01/2020

Following the appointment by the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority to develop the city’s Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan, the Consultant is now conducting Origin-Destination (OD) surveys at 12 selected locations within the road network of Addis Ababa. The OD surveys are being conducted by trained graduates in collaboration with AA Transport Bureau, Police Commission and Traffic Control Agency.

The OD Surveys will address a number of issues (trip characteristics) beside the origin and destination of each trip. Data collected includes the purpose of the trip, number of passengers or freight volume, duration and frequency of the trip, journey times, etc. The findings of the OD surveys will be used as input to develop a Multi Modal Transport Model of the city which will be used as a tool for decision making by transport planning authority.

So far, the survey team has completed 60% of the data collection and the remaining part is expected to be completed in two to three weeks’ time (mid-February 2020). If you come across any of the surveyors, please be supportive and collaborative to the team. They are working for the good of the city to ensure that in future we have a properly integrated transport and land use planning approach in Addis Ababa, moving away from the ad hoc planning that has had a negative impact on much of our built environment in the past.